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TMC partners provide the most efficient way to support Concur Travel, ensuring a deeply integrated corporate travel program and optimized traveler experience.

What business needs, what travelers want

Travel Management Companies (TMCs) provide what customers demand: travel partners that help control cost, support duty of care, and offer full program support – all with a delightful traveler experience. TMC partners bring it all together. Leveraging an integrated stack of technology, they deliver comprehensive services to help navigate the complexities of business travel and drive out unnecessary spend. Together, SAP Concur and TMC partners provide the modern, personalized travel experiences people expect in the age of apps and data-driven interactions.

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TMC Partner Elite

As a TMC partner elite, participating TMCs demonstrate the most comprehensive TMC aptitude within the levels of the SAP Concur partner program. Elite level TMCs have first-hand experience with solutions like Concur Travel, Concur Expense, Concur Compleat (transaction automation), Concur TripLink and more through the SAP Concur solutions. This equips the elite level TMC to aid in the full intelligent enterprise experience that SAP Concur delivers. The elite level TMC has also proven the highest standard for Concur Travel optimized configurations, support and delivery.

TMC Partner Select

As a TMC partner select, participating TMCs demonstrate a high aptitude with SAP Concur product solutions with travel integration. Select level TMCs provide a high standard of knowledge surrounding the SAP Concur suite of product solutions, including proven aptitude with Concur Travel configuration standards and support and implementation acumen.

Value beyond travel booking. Committed to servicing and managing our clients’ needs, TMC partners will:

Provide full support and expertise for the SAP Concur business traveler suite of integrated solutions

Drive innovation every day as market leaders in the industry

Ensure travelers are informed, productive, and safe

Partner with SAP Concur representatives to deliver the highest value for our joint customers

Keep organizations informed, as a critical partner on best practices for travel compliance, supplier management, and policy

Proactively engage in key industry events and initiatives

More fulfilling travel service: Concur Compleat

Many of our TMC partners utilize Concur Compleat, the SAP Concur customizable mid-office travel fulfillment system. Concur Compleat ensures the highest quality of travel transactions and brings automation behind the scenes to deliver important information and enhanced service.

Find out more about how Concur Compleat can benefit corporate travel programs.

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Concur Travel & Expense matches the needs of our employees because it’s so intuitive. The employee satisfaction rate is already at 75% and continues to rise.”

Peter Rasper
Executive VP and COO, Global Finance