Concur Insight

The more you see, the more you save.

Concur Insight provides Data on Travel and Expense Spending

See every dollar your company is spending.

Pull all your travel, expense and invoice data into one system with Concur® Insight—the easiest (and only) way to get a clear, integrated and actionable view of every dollar your company spends. Concur Insight automatically matches each transaction in your TMC, credit card and expense data feeds with every relevant data source, eliminating duplicate entries and cleaning up unstructured or confusing data feeds.

Get relevant, organized, automated reports that drive results.

If a report isn’t relevant, it doesn’t do anyone any good. Concur Insight enables you to get information the way you want when you want it through flexible tools and analytics designed to address specific issues affecting your entire company—including dashboards that are mobile-ready and accessible online and offline. Modify out-of-the-box reports, or create customized, specifically targeted versions that align with the way you measure spend. Then use your data to track compliance, establish baseline metrics and compare spending trends across your organization.

Spend less time searching—and more time taking action.

With Concur Insight, users of all skill levels can easily develop their own dashboards, run their own reports and create custom queries so the information that’s most needed is exactly what they have access to. Concur Insight makes it easier to set benchmarks, improve payment processes, create or enforce policies, control spend (before it happens!), negotiate better vendor rates and manage VAT recovery. It’s all about gaining the insight you need to make better business decisions and drive more savings to your bottom line.

With Concur Insight you can:

  • Gain total visibility into spend patterns.
  • Integrate and normalize travel, TMC, PO, invoice and credit card data.
  • Easily manage corporate card usage.
  • Eliminate duplication and normalize confusing data feeds.
  • Identify ancillary fees for better negotiations with airline vendors—and to reduce fraud.
  • Reduce manual data consolidation efforts.
  • Get detailed insight into your payment process to speed up approvals and payments.
  • Proactively track all travel and spend against your budget.
  • Track rebate reconciliation, time-to-pay, delinquencies and other metrics.