Southeastern University P-Card Program

Southeastern University Takes a New Approach to Its P-Card Program with SAP Concur

Southeastern University (SEU) is a small, private, Christ-centered university with a big mission — equipping the next generation to thrive in their careers and their communities. With staff resources at a premium, the University uses Concur financial integrators to automate purchasing card administration and oversight.

Like many smaller colleges and universities, Southeastern University (SEU) operates lean, without the extra personnel or resources to devote to purchasing card management (P-cards) full time. By utilizing SAP® Concur® solutions with its P-card program, the institution can automate end-to-end processes – capturing transactions, routing these through the designated approval and audit workflows, then posting the transactions to back-office systems when the audit is complete. The solution provides a more streamlined, easier-to-use interface for users, while giving their finance team greater visibility into spend.

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Smaller Christian universities are constrained by both time and money. We just don’t have the budget of larger research universities, so we have to prioritize. With a P-card program, the biggest pain point is the administrative burden it places on a small accounting staff that doesn’t have the resources to spare. We couldn’t devote a full-time person to manage the process or enforce policy compliance.”

– Mark Biddinger, Senior Director of Finance and Treasury, Southeastern University




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