Reducing Travel and Expense Processing Time by 75%

Ask anyone at EDSI, and they’ll tell you they’re a people-first company. As a work- force development agency, EDSI takes pride in helping people find themselves and achieve their career goals. The company works with people who are struggling economically and connects them with opportunities to improve their situation.

With more than 40 offices across the country, EDSI needs to be able to serve a lot of people in different locations. Not only was tracking all the travel expenses with an antiquated spreadsheet system draining resources, but also a lot of important information was falling through the cracks. Without a travel and expense (T&E) system to fit the company’s needs, EDSI was unable to dedicate time and resources to the people it serves. It committed to reducing the cost of expense report processing, shortening reimbursement approval and delivery time, and leveraging travel spend data.

“EDSI is a high-performing culture, and we live by our core values of ‘show up, smile, and support.’ Utilizing SAP Concur solutions has really helped us drive those values, live that mission, be more effective, and be more efficient.”

-Roe Falcone, Regional Director/Operations


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