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The subhead is optional and should contain supporting information about the product or service with a maximum of 200 characters including space with punctuation.

Value prop module with text

Two column module that can have text on both sides, or an image/video on one side and text on the other.

The content of this module should be a value proposition. Why should the user want the product or service featured on this page?

At least one link is required, but two are available. If there are no pages or resources that could be used to generate a CTA link, use #Inline_form and clicking on the link will direct the user down to the form on this page.

Link style is automatic So is this one

Column 1 can be on either the left or right side

This version - with copy on one side and an image or video on the other - is the most common version of this module. Copy should focus on what value the product brings to the audience.

If you need an image or editing to an existing image for this module, please create a JIRA ticket and include the Design label. That way, the design team will know it's web-related, but a task they need to pay attention to.

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