Respond, stabilize, and reinvent your business

No matter where your business is in its recovery, we’re here to provide expertise and resources that can help you control costs, rethink policies, and move forward with confidence.

REINVENT: Adapt to challenges and emerge stronger

Many businesses are using this time to reevaluate and realign how they operate. Whether your business is reopening its doors, adapting travel and spending policies, or creating entirely new processes, SAP Concur solutions, resources, and experts are here to help.

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STABILIZE: Build upon progress and weather the storm

A big part of finding and maintaining stability for your business is controlling cash flow and helping employees succeed. Our tools and resources can help your people thrive in a work-from-home world and your business evolve as priorities change.

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RESPOND: Regain control of your business

Big changes in the world require changes in how businesses operate and plan. You can count on us for valuable assets and guidance that can help you regain control of your business and establish a stable foundation to build upon.

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SAP Concur solutions and expertise can help your business navigate this time

Use these resources to help employees thrive, realign policies and processes, and reimagine your business for the future.

Lessons learned from COVID-19

Most companies have disaster recovery and continuity plans in place, but few were prepared for a crisis on this scale. Read the article to get lessons learned from the pandemic and see how industry experts are preparing for any possible future.

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Returning to work and travel

Many experts are discussing the best and right ways for employees to return to business travel. Read part one in our series and learn what CDC officials and others say about employees getting back on the road.

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5 tips to stabilize travel and expense

It’s good time for businesses to realign T&E policies to match the times. Watch the video for five tips to stabilize your travel and expense program, and then download the related checklist to make changes for your business.

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SAP Concur Stands for Small

American Express organized Stand for Small (SFS) to support small businesses with services and offers during this time. We’re honored to participate and will provide content and special offers through 2020.

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Success Story: Peabody Essex Museum

The pandemic forced organizations of all types to adapt. For the Peabody Essex Museum, closing its doors meant creating a universe of digital content. Read the article to see they did it and how SAP Concur solutions simplified the transition.

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