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Update expense policies for employees working from home

With employees now working from home, business have had adjust quickly to accommodate the new environment. One operational aspect they’ve had to rethink is their current expense policy.

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Keeping client relationships strong in a virtual world

With face-to-face meetings largely grounded, how can you adjust your approach and interactions with clients? And what are the potential pitfalls to avoid?

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COVID-19 business assistance programs in every state

Most U.S. states have created assistance programs for businesses that have been negatively impacted by COIVD-19. To help connect you with available help in your area, we’ve collected state-by-state resources that you can explore.

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Weather unexpected changes with more control over company spend

Managing company spend in normal times has challenges. When business gets unpredictable –whether from slow sales, unforeseen events, or an unexpected sales spike – challenges multiply.

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COVID-19: Responding to a community crisis

As we continue to witness the effects of COVID-19 on lower-income populations around the world, we must ask the question: How are organizations that support lower-income populations being affected? Also, what is SAP Concur doing? And what can you do?

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