T&E Cost Control Solutions for Oil, Mine and Gas Companies

We understand there are a lot of suppliers in the industry. Concur simplifies the complex travel and expense management process by connecting the partners, tools and data you need for all your locations around the globe. The result is a connected approach that allows you to oversee, support and safeguard your company and employees on a single platform.

Managing Expenses

Automate and Simplify.

Controlling costs and running efficient global operations has never been more important in the oil, mining and gas industry. You have to keep travel and expense costs down while managing risk, regulatory compliance and the safety of a dynamic workforce. Don't let escalating T&E costs impact your critical business operations.

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Control costs and increase efficiency with modern tavel and expense management tools build unique for you:

  • Consolidated, accurate and current data to track employee spending.
  • Visibility into spend to identify trends and policy compliancy.
  • Mobile tools that make traveling and tracking expenses easy for any traveler.


Maximum business impact. Modern automated T&E tools.

Concur Travel and Expense

Concur integrates travel, TMC, BTA and lodge card data, so you get the complete picture of all your travel and expense-related data in one place. Consolidate spending data and create a single, connected process for managing travel and expense. Concur Expense enables you to allocate spend to the right projects, report on project cost centers, and establish unique rules for different travel and employee groups.

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Concur Audit

Concur’s Audit service provides a quick and timely compliance check of your team’s spending, matching receipts to expense report line items and expenses to your corporate policy, without taxing your internal A/P team.

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Concur Locate and Active Monitoring

Employee safety is a top concern for oil, mining and gas companies today. You want to know you are prepared to reach and assist global travelers in high risk locations in the event of an emergency. Concur Locate delivers more comprehensive, accurate and timely employee location data than any other provider, so you can proactively monitor risks that may affect your entire team, communicate with them, connect them to expert support and confidently deliver duty of care for every employee.

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From the Concur Newsroom

6 Ways to Save on T&E

Where will you find savings for your company? Rapid changes in technology and traveler behavior are driving significant change in corporate travel, so Oil and Gas businesses need modern solutions to take control of employee spend, and maximize employee spend optimization.

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Getting ahead of the curve – new ways to head off trouble before it happens

Our parent company, SAP, just announced a new approach to heading off trouble before it happens. Aimed at oil and gas equipment, it uses big data to diagnose problems faster and better and “shows potential for extending machine life, avoiding failures, and saving money in a high risk industry” according to SAP. Click to read more on how to get ahead, even before trouble occurs.

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More savings and reduced risk with SAP + Concur

Plus, Concur integrates with the products and programs you already have.