Solutions for oil, mining, and gas

With shifting industry regulations and project teams in remote locations on the globe, it’s critical to support all of your employees on a single connected solution.

Maximize your business impact with cutting-edge automated tools

Running efficient global operations has never been more important in the oil, mining, and gas industry. You have to keep travel and expense costs down while managing risk, regulatory compliance, and the safety of a dynamic workforce. With a connected solution from SAP Concur, you can:

  • Control and cut costs by streamlining operations
  • Comply with changing regulations
  • Communicate with and locate project teams and crews at a moment’s notice
  • Get greater visibility into spend

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Control costs and increase efficiency with innovative tools

By giving your employees the latest expense management and travel booking tools, you can streamline your operation from top to bottom. With Concur Expense and Travel, workers can easily plan and book travel, then automatically populate expense reports from airlines, hotels, restaurants, and more.

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Encourage compliance and reduce fraud with built-in capabilities and AI

Reduce noncompliant spend with tools like Concur Detect, which uses AI from AppZen to audit 100% of expenses in near real-time, and Audit Service to verify each expense against your policy.

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Guarantee the safety of your project teams with alerts and travel itineraries

Crew safety is a top concern for oil, mining, and gas companies today. Whether they’re on the road or on a job site, use accurate location data from Concur Locate to quickly determine every traveler and crew member affected by an emergency so you can manage safety risks.

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Get greater visibility into your spending to keep budgets in check

With tools like Budget, your organization can get near real-time views of spending before and after it happens. Our connected solution collects and synthesizes continuously updated data from Concur Expense, Invoice, and Request for a holistic view of spend.

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Plus, SAP Concur integrates with the products and programs you already have.

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