How Concur TripLink Works

Julie is a corporate travel manager.

Her company’s employees travel the world to meet with customers.

Along with Concur Travel & Expense, Concur TripLink gives Julie complete visibility to keep travelers safe and productive, make sure their travel stays within policy, and achieve maximum value for her company.

Julie negotiates discounts with preferred suppliers. She also sets policies to ensure traveler safety and cost savings. She can monitor travel bookings against her policy and take action before travel occurs.

One challenge is that travelers sometimes book outside of her program. They may have to book directly for a conference rate. Or, they believe they can see more options and find better deals directly on supplier sites. Whether or not that’s accurate, Julie needs visibility into those bookings.

With Concur TripLink, Julie makes sure all travel occurs within her managed travel program. The service gives her full visibility across booking channels. It also brings outside bookings into the managed travel program. 

Julie’s travelers can connect their profile in Concur Travel & Expense to travel suppliers. They also get a free subscription to TripIt Pro, the top-rated consumer travel app. When they book rooms on supplier sites, they see their company’s negotiated rate. Then, booking information automatically syncs with Concur Travel & Expense.

Travelers that haven’t yet synced their account in Concur Travel & Expense with suppliers can simply e-mail their plans to or The plans then appear in Concur Travel & Expense, TripIt Pro, and the SAP Concur mobile app. If a traveler’s booking is out of policy, the traveler and the traveler’s manager receive an alert. The traveler can then adjust the booking to stay within policy.

When travelers return from trips, their bookings are automatically itemized, and an e-receipt is added to their expense report.

Julie’s travel management company has access to Concur TripLink bookings in Concur Travel & Expense. Julie can make sure direct bookings are included in discussions with suppliers. She can use the data to show that she met volume goals, which helps with supplier negotiations. Finally, Julie always knows where travelers are going and whether they’re within policy. How’s that for visibility, compliance, and happy travelers?

Now that Julie has Concur TripLink to keep track of travelers and their bookings, she’s no longer under a microscope. She’s in the spotlight. 

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