Digitize Receipts with SAP Concur

Saving paper receipts can be inconvenient and time consuming for administrators, processors, and users -- especially those with hectic travel schedules. Not to mention, most organizations favor a paperless option when selecting the right travel and expense solution for their employees.

However, simply snapping a photo of the receipt with your smartphone, may not be enough. 

Strict legal and tax requirements may apply to the digital images once they are created. Many countries, like France, have enacted laws to ensure the integrity and authenticity of receipt images, while others, like Spain, require official certification by specific governmental authorities. 

This process is known as receipt digitalization. By automating this process, SAP Concur makes it easy to capture receipt images, ensuring they conform to local requirements and governmental regulations.

For administrators and processors, implementation saves time and money with just a few clicks, and for users, the process is simple and seamless. 

Take a picture of the paper receipt with ExpenseIt in the SAP Concur mobile app and back-end processes ensure the image is digitized and properly managed according to local legal standards. Once the process is complete, a blue “certified” icon will appear over the picture.

As the receipt capture has created the expense, it is automatically added to the expense report workstream like any other expense, maintaining the seamless experience customers have come to expect using the SAP Concur mobile app.

To see Concur Expense in action, take a look at our Concur Expense self-guided demo today. 

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