We’re working long hours to save you from working long hours.

Each month we release improvements of all of our products. Some of it is all 1s and 0s that probably doesn’t interest you. Some of it is awesome and we feel compelled to share it with you here.


Updated Persona Dashboard: Invoice Management Overview

The Spend Trend by Expense Type section was replaced by the Top 5 Expense Types section, and the drill-through detail reports for each of the dashboard sections--except for the...

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PO Contact Name and Email Address Visible for...

Purchase request creators and purchase request approvers will be able to see the contact name and email address of the purchase order contact in the Request Items section of the...

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Vendor Name Available Search Option for PR Processors

Purchase request processors will see a new search option, Vendor Name, in the Search list of the Process Purchase Request view of Concur Invoice.


What's New at Concur - April 2017

Concur administrators - in case you missed the live show, here's What's New at Concur for April 2017: Visit concur.com/webcast for info about the next edition of What's New at...

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Change to Cash Advance Return Assignment Logic

Previously, Concur combined some cash advance returns into a single journal entry--if the system processed the return in a currency different than the one requested. Now, Concur...

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Company Card: Download Import Log Data in .xls(x)...

The Global Company Card Administrator can now download imported transaction data for a selected Company Card job import in Excel format. A new Download link in the Transaction...

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Expense Pay: Global Funding Account Status

The Status column for funding accounts (Payment Manager > Configure Batches > Funding Accounts tab) now displays a range of statuses:

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Flight: Travelport Branded Fares - American Airlines

For Travelport customers, branded fares for American Airlines are now available in Concur Travel.

Train: Renfe and Swedish Rail Now Available

Now travelers can book rail content for Spain (Renfe) and Sweden in Concur Travel. All fares allowed by the travel policy are returned and displayed to the traveler. The...

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PO Change Orders

Concur now offers the ability for users to change a transmitted purchase order and resend it through the same workflow. Users are able to add line items to a transmitted request...

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New Invoice Management Dashboard

For Concur Business Intelligence customers, a new persona-based dashboard is available. Customers can use the Invoice Management dashboard to view key metrics for their...

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Updated Department Manager Overview

Improvements were made to the Department Manager Overview dashboard and its Current Quarter Spend Details drill-through report.

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New Invoice Report: Attendee Summary

Analysis and Intelligence clients can use the new Attendee Summary report to view a summary of the spending on attendees by expense type, instance, and reporting group and...

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What's New at Concur - March 2017

Concur administrators - in case you missed the live show, here's What's New at Concur for March 2017: Visit concur.com/webcast for info about the next edition of What's New at...

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Concur TripLink and Ctrip Integration Now Available

Ctrip and Concur make the process of expensing business travel faster, easier, and more accurate for our mutual customers by connecting two industry leading platforms to create...

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TripIt Meetings in Concur Travel Itinerary

For travelers who create meetings in TripIt, you will now see your meetings in Concur Travel and merged into the corresponding travel itinerary.

New Invisible Spend Report

In place of the Invisible Spend Trend Analysis report--which has been removed from the TripLink folder in Concur Intelligence--a new, upgraded Invisible Spend report is now...

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My Purchase Orders

A new menu option, My Purchase Orders, is available in the Purchase Request menu of Concur Invoice Standard, providing greater visibility into the purchase request workflow.

Easier Access to Expense Settings

In order to access your company's configuration, Concur Expense Standard administrators click Administration > Expense Settings. The name of the menu option has changed.

Page Level Guidance in Setup

The How It Works Help topics open a new window when Concur Expense Standard and Concur Invoice Standard administrators click the How it Works link on the Setup pages. Each topic...

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What's New at Concur - February 2017

Concur administrators - in case you missed the live show, here's What's New at Concur for February 2017:Join us at concur.com/webcast on Wednesday, March 29, 2017, 10 am PT, for...

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Allocations on the Concur App for iPhone

With the latest version of the Concur app, iPhone users can allocate an expense by manually selecting the allocation percentage and cost center. With the expense open, you...

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Company Card Tool Improvement

For both editions of Concur Expense, we've improved the search functionality that is available on the Manage Transactions tab:

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Now More than 140 App Center Partners

The Concur App Center welcomes eight new apps, including our first sustainability partner! The App Center helps business and individuals connect with apps that help with...

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What's New at Concur - January 2017

Concur administrators - in case you missed the live show, here's What's New at Concur for January 2017:- Product News: What's new with the December 2016 and January 2017...

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Previous Approved Amount in Audit Trail and Audit Rules

For customers that use the Approve then Book process, Concur has added the request amount before booking to the audit trail of the request, and added a new variable to Audit...

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Approval Workflow Capabilities for PO-Based Invoices

Previously, purchase order based invoices were automatically sent from an employee to a processor. Now, you can select whether you want to use this option or use the same...

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QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online Now Available

Concur Invoice Standard Edition lets you import QuickBooks accounting data into Concur. Now, when you choose to send the data to QuickBooks, Concur sends your unique accounting...

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Adding Comments to Payment Requests in Paid Status

Concur Invoice customers are able to add comments to a payment request in a paid status. (Previously, you were able to add comments to a payment request after it had been...

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Expense Assistant for Standard Edition

Expense Assistant has the following features:

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Monthly Release Schedule Change

Starting in March, releases will occur on Saturday instead of Friday.


New Dashboard in Concur Intelligence

The Expense Spend Management Overview dashboard is here! Intelligence customers can view key metrics for their company's expense reports and expense report life cycle at a...

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New TripLink Partner Voyages-SNCF

Voyages-sncf.com is the official European distribution channel of the French railways (SNCF) for online sales of high-speed and conventional rail travel throughout France and...

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New Concur Mobile App Versions

New versions for both Android (version 9.39) and iPhone/iPad (version 9.39) were released November 30. Improvements to the Android include an updated home screen and main menu,...

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New Branded Fares Rule

Concur Travel customers can now configure flight policy based on the new branded fares. A new flight rule verifies the carrier name(s) and the branded fare name(s) to add...

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UI Design Changes to Purchase Order Tab and Purchase...

User interface design improvements made to the Purchase Order tab and purchase order details page of Concur Invoice provide customers with improved look and feel.

Processors Can Process Their Own Payment Requests

For customers who only have one processor who also submits their own payment requests, Concur Invoice now allows them to process their own payment requests.

Online Help Translations

The Help menu links now point to new updated and expanded translations, providing help content in 21 languages.

New Release Notes and Admin Summary Pages

From within Concur web, the What's New and Release Notes Admin Summary links now appear in the left menu of the online help for all administrators.

New Training Pages

New Concur training websites for TripIt Pro and My Travel Network--for both client administrators and end users-- contain helpful infographics, PDF’s and videos.

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What's New at Concur - November 2016

Concur administrators - in case you missed the live show, here's What's New at Concur for November 2016: Join us at concur.com/webcast on Wednesday, January 25, 2017, 10 am PT,...

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Concur Receiving Now Available

Invoice: Concur now offers the ability for users to add quantity receipt data manually. Once the user has entered the receipt data, it is available for matching. This feature is...

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Process Request Displays All Requests Awaiting Approval

Invoice:  Now, the default query will list all payment requests, purchase requests, or purchase orders that a processor needs to process. This makes it more efficient for...

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Switch Tax Mode for VAT

Invoice: Concur introduces the ability to switch mode for VAT. This feature makes it easier and gives more control to clients when they need to use different VAT on items at the...

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Email to Vendors When Payment Has Been Made

Invoice Pay: Now, vendors will receive an email when they are paid via ACH or check. The information in the email will contain the invoice date, invoice amount, invoice number,...

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More Payment Type Options

Concur Expense: End users now have additional choices in the Payment Type list when creating an expense manually or by using ExpenseIt. This improvement helps companies with one...

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Payment Manager Checkbox Renamed

Expense Pay: The Use for company card import only checkbox has been renamed to Exclude from employees' Payment Type list. (Applies only to imported card transactions.)


What's New at Concur - October 2016

Concur administrators - in case you missed the live show, here's What's New at Concur for October 2016: Join us at concur.com/webcast on the last Wednesday of each month, 10 am...

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Flight/Train Number Visibility and Sort

Concur has updated the way flight and train numbers are displayed in Concur Travel. In addition, we have added a search filter to locate a specific flight or train.

Baggage Fees

Concur extended the branded fare display to all flight and train results with the June release. That display includes the Fare Matrix and baggage information. Now...

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Flex Faring Support – Norwegian Air

Concur is pleased to announce flex faring support for Norwegian Air Shuttle (D8). Norwegian Air Shuttle offers service to select destinations in Europe. This enhancement is...

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Tax Code Field is now a List with Predefined Options

Invoice: Customers will be able to predefine tax codes for all VAT tax codes. This update will simplify entry of VAT tax codes for the end user and provide consistency when...

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Japan Public Transportation (JPT)

Concur now supports a network integrated circuit (NIC) card reader. Using a NIC card, along with Concur’s e-receipt service, travelers can import routes traveled into Concur.

File Transfer Security Update

As part of our ongoing commitment to securing our customers’ data, Concur will apply a routine security update to our file transfer infrastructure (SecureTransport). Only TLS...

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What's New at Concur - September 2016

Concur administrators - in case you missed the live show, here's What's New at Concur for September 2016: This month's #ProTip is about attaching a super long receipt. In the...

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Car Currency Conversion

With this release, we debut a new feature that allows a travel user/arranger to change the default currency to any other currency on the car results page.

Hotel Calendar Time Zone Logic

If you have Google or Exchange Calendar integration enabled, Concur Travel now sets the hotel time zone based on the latitude / longitude proximity of the closest airport.

Mixed Flight/Train and Class of Service Fare Display

Concur Travel now shows the cabin and class of service per leg in the Fare Options matrix.

3rd Party Emailed Receipts Now in Available Receipts

Now when submitting expense reports, you can skip the step of adding receipts from approved senders. On behalf of your company, Concur administrators may now approve a central...

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Smart Expense Allows Manual Matching

Now, Concur Expense users have the option to match--manually--several combinations of items from the same transaction within an Expense report. It is no longer necessary to...

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“Pending Card Transaction” Payment Type Active for All

This update to Concur Expense helps Concur users avoid accidentally submitting expenses before the card transactions arrive. It also helps you bring together all the correct...

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What's New at Concur - August 2016

Concur administrators – in case you missed the live show, here’s What’s New at Concur for August 2016: Join us at concur.com/webcast on the last Wednesday of each month, 10 am...

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Negative Value in Quantity Field

Concur Invoice users are now able to enter negative values for quantity, in addtion to unit price. This is useful when suppliers send a credit memo for returned or damaged items.

Vendor, Ship To, and Bill To Sections Redesigned

Invoice: The Vendor, Ship To, and Bill To sections in the Purchase Order tab have been redesigned and are now collapsible.

Display Invoice Images in Separate Window

Administrators can now choose to have an invoice image open up in a separate browser window.

Post Ticket Change – Original Flight Icon

Travel: We have changed the star icon used to denote original flights during a post ticket change to text.

Refundable Fares – Fees May Apply?

Travel: We've added text to indicate that a penalty may apply to a refundable fare. (Airlines often tag a fare as refundable that really is "refundable for a fee.")

Arrival Date is Different From Departure Date

Travel: Overnight flights now show with the moon icon--as well as text--calling out the arrival date.


#ProTip: Attach a super long receipt

Have a super long receipt? So long that you can't capture it all in one picture? No problem - here's how to handle it if you're using Concur on your laptop or desktop computer....

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What's New at Concur - July 2016

Concur administrators – in case you missed the live show, here’s What’s New at Concur for July 2016: Join us at concur.com/webcast on the last Wednesday of each month, 10 am...

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New VAT Fields in the Payment Request Import

Invoice: Concur has added a number of new VAT fields to the Payment Request Import through two new Record Types. This update does not affect those who are already using the...

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More Vendor Records Can Be Imported Through Vendor...

Invoice: The number of vendor records that can be imported has expanded from 500 to 12,500.

Vendor Field Mandatory When Requesting New Item

Invoice: the Vendor field now has a red bar on the left side to indicate that the field is mandatory before the user can save the purchase request.

Ship-to Address Search for Purchase Requesters

Invoice: Concur has made it easier to search for Ship-To addresses by showing the company name and the complete address.

Intelligent Copy of Card Account Field

Expense: This improvement helps you match invoice transactions to their associated Central Reconciliation or Lodge accounts. Now, all account types will draw on a new...

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From Zip and To Zip in the GL 1076 AMEX Import

Expense: For tax reporting, the From Zip and To Zip fields are now added to the AMEX GL 1076 import file used to extract data for purchase cards.