Your Feedback Makes Concur Breeze Better

Within the last couple weeks, we’ve taken a bunch of your feedback to make Concur Breeze even better! For example, some of you have wanted to try out doing expense reports before you start setup so you can see how it all comes together. Well, that made perfect sense to us, so we’ve simplified the setup from a few easy steps – to zero steps! Yes, zero steps! Clients can now try Concur Breeze instantly with our best practice setup, submit a few reports and then adjust the setup to tailor Concur Breeze for your business! Easy, breezy, huh?!

We’ve also made lots of tweaks to field names, tooltips and even improved our interactive help system,– all based on your suggestions! For example, you told us that the term ‘Account’ would make more sense if we relabeled it as ‘Account Code / GL Code’. You ask for it, and we delivered!

We also heard from you that you love our exclusive ‘Attendees’ feature, which allows you to track attendees for business meals and entertainment. For many of you, this is key to understanding your total spend on meals and entertainment. So based on your feedback, we’ve made it easy to simply manage your ‘favorite attendees’ with the click of a button, and easily remove ‘favorite attendees’ that you no longer want to show on your list.

These may seem like simple changes and minor details, but they are important for you and your peers. Because who knows better than the folks who actually use our services on a daily basis? That’s why we’ll continue to listen for other suggested updates to continue to make your expense reporting process even easier.

So let us know what other enhancements you’d like to see to Concur Breeze! Share your ideas and suggestions on our blog, and you just might see your ideas implemented into Concur Breeze in the near future.

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