Yes, travel and spend management really can be that easy

How many times have you heard an employee get excited about expense reporting? If it’s a challenge for employees to book travel, complete their expense reports, stay in compliance with policies and hold on to their receipts, it makes life harder for travelers, budget owners, and anyone else who touches the process.


Concur customers get excited. When it comes to travel and expense reporting, they use words like “intuitive,” “freedom,” and “simple.” And their employees are asking to use it.



That’s because technology is enabling us to automate what was once repetitive and simplify what was complicated. So instead of spending hours tracking everything spent on meals and travel, today’s mobile workforce is focusing on the job at hand.



Instead of repetitive tasks like updating spreadsheets or entering data into siloed systems each month, budget owners can focus on team development and more strategic tasks.



At Concur, we imagine the way the world should work, but our customers describe what that means better than we ever could.See what they’re saying here and learn more about what Concur can do for business travelers Do you have a great story to share about how Concur makes your life easier? Let us know by contacting us at!





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