World Class Security and Service Management is More Than Just a Good Idea

Back in January we talked with Bruce Grenfell, Senior Director of Security and Compliance at Concur, about SaaS compliance and security. Six months later, Bruce is back making a guest blog post about why security and service management is more than just a good idea.

Every day we hear issues in the news concerning information theft. Just a few weeks ago, an iPad user’s personal information was exposed to the public due to a security malfunction. Kind of scary considering that there seems to be an online market for just about everything these days.

With this and similar issues in mind, it’s never been more important to ensure that the service providers you work with take security as seriously as you do. Your technology service providers must be committed to the idea that world-class security is an integral part of the service – a commitment that ensures customer information is safe, protected and private. And most importantly, that those services are readily available and perform properly.

Concur does just that through our Global Trust Platform. It is founded on two key elements necessary in any business; good security and service management. The Concur Trust Platform relies on a unique combination of processes and controls, vulnerability management and frequent audits against a variety of international and U.S. standards. It is designed to deliver a high level of security and confidence. The Trust Platform protects Concur client information from unauthorized access and ensures that Concur’s online services operate to meet the service levels customers’ demand. And, I think that’s something we can all agree is critical, especially today.

So, we don’t just provide best-in-class security because it is a good idea. We do it because our clients understand that it’s critical to their businesses. We are here to make sure that client data is untouchable and kept private from the often unpredictable world we live in. No matter how scary the online world gets, security and service management will always be a priority for Concur.

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