With Concur Expense, This Healthcare Company Freed its Employees to Focus on Better Medical Care Experiences

At SAP Concur, we try to embody a spirit of innovation that not only drives ourselves to be better and more thoughtful, but also inspires and recognizes other individuals and businesses to be their best. That’s why each year at our annual SAP Concur Fusion conference, we gather together our customers, partners, and staff to connect, collaborate, and inspire.

This year, among the many winners of the 2018 SAP Concur Innovation Award was Cardinal Health. Cardinal Health uses its nearly 100 years of expertise to reduce the total cost of healthcare and to improve the lives of patients.

When patient experience and quality of life are on the line, it’s important to do everything possible in service of that mission. That’s why SAP Concur is thrilled to be able to help Cardinal Health deliver on this promise by creating an easy-to-use, expense management solution that gives employees time back to focus on what matters most – being "essential to care."

Watch the full video on Cardinal Health and see how its people-focused mission made them a perfect fit for SAP Concur solutions and for the Innovation Award it deserved.


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