Why ridesharing is more than a transportation trend

In just three short years, ridesharing has grown from a compelling idea into a major transportation movement. Today, 76% of travel managers and 70% of business travellers say that Travel Network Companies (TNCs), such as Lyft, are an acceptable or preferred ground transportation option [GBTA 2105]. Thanks to a new partnership between Concur and Lyft, it’s easier than ever to incorporate ridesharing into your corporate travel policy.  


Driving a Transportation Revolution

The way Americans think about business travel is evolving. Whether or not it’s a part of the travel policy, ridesharing has become a popular option for daily commutes and business travel, as well as personal trips. A new generation of business travellers is foregoing lengthy taxi lines, expensive car services, and advanced booking options in favor of on-demand ridesharing apps, such as Lyft. With Lyft, passengers can request a driver through a few taps, and get picked up in minutes by a friendly member of the community.


Ridesharing offers a unique experience that’s accessible, reliable, and flexible. But with Lyft, it’s more than that. For the million of Americans that take Lyft rides every week, they see firsthand the energy we place in making sure drivers and passengers consistently experience the perfect journey.



It’s this people-centric approach that has fueled our passion to elevate safety in ground transportation. Because of Lyft’s peer-to-peer network, passengers always know who they’re getting into a car with, and the two-way ratings system keeps both drivers and passengers on their best behavior. When you take a Lyft ride, you know you’re getting in the car with someone who has passed both criminal and driver background checks. Ridesharing has also introduced a new standard of insurance coverage to the ground transportation market. From the moment you get into a Lyft ride to the moment you’re dropped off, your ride is covered by Lyft’s first-of-its-kind $1,000,000 auto liability policy.



Lyft takes safety seriously, and we’ve been rewarded with tremendous growth.  



Concur and Lyft ridesharing Mobile Featured App Image Hero-1080x576 - Concur App Center  


Effortless Expensing

Traditionally, ground transportation vendors are disparate and disconnected, which forces a complex and expensive budget with a complicated reporting process. Now that Lyft is available in the Concur App Center, Lyft and Concur users can automatically receive e-receipts and trip notes in Concur. That means no more paper receipts or lengthy expensing process; with Lyft and Concur, employees can automatically expense Lyft rides. Users simply need to connect their Concur account in the App Center or within the Lyft mobile app.  


Visibility & Control

The Global Business Travel Association reports that ground transportation accounts for 23% of the average company’s travel budget. Containing the cost of ground transportation is a complicated undertaking–but it doesn’t have to be. It’s now easy to track and manage employee travel with ridesharing apps. With Lyft for Work, you can access data on employee travel trends, set restrictions on when or where your employees travel, and simplify the expensing process.  

To learn more about how to incorporate Lyft for Work into your travel policy, check out the Lyft application on the Concur App Center. 

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