Why Mazda’s gram strategy is a good expense management model

There are two ways to make a car faster: get a bigger engine or make it lighter. The options for improving business performance are no different. You can drop in a bigger business engine by adding more people or funding, or you can make your business lighter through streamlining and simplification. What does all this have to do with the Mazda Miata?   Well, if you've ever driven or been the passenger in a Miata, you know a bigger engine isn't an option. There’s zero room to spare. Similarly, raising more capital isn't always an option for businesses. Even if it is, hiring and funding aren’t always the best ways to improve performance. Eventually, nearly every small business owner must focus on creating a sleeker company. And if you are like most business leaders, you’ve already done plenty to make your company leaner and meaner. So what now?  


One gram at a time

“This is our gram strategy,” said Mazda’s Kazuyuki Okada as he removed dime-sized discs from a clear plastic cup. To account for a larger driver – especially in the US, the auto industry’s most fruitful market – Mazda’s engineers were tasked with making the redesigned MX-5 Miata larger without losing the light and nimble feel that defines the roadster driving experience. Essentially, they needed a bigger car that didn’t weigh more.   “This is what we’ve done wherever possible in the car,” said Okada. “We looked at everything. We put our engineers in teams. Each team was responsible for reaching weight targets for different components and modules. It was like a game.”   The end result? Every possible weight reduction that did not sabotage safety or performance was considered, and today, the MX-5 Miata remains the bestselling two-seat convertible sports car in history.  


Streamlined expense management is your gram strategy

Like the Miata and its agility, your company can’t afford to compromise what makes it great. With a capable expense management solution, you can focus on finding and cutting all those unneeded “grams” rather than sacrificing employees, cash or inventory. For example, streamlined expense management allows you to:  

  • Easily identify which costs improve performance and which costs merely weigh your company down
  • Keep off excess weight with a mobile T&E policy that prevents overspending by enforcing rules in real time
  • Keep your engine running smoothly by removing all the manual processes and paper that are proven to gum up the works
  • Achieve a high safety rating with internal audit capabilities, along with always up-to-date tax codes and industry regulations within the platform


And because businesses are constantly changing, cutting excess weight is a constant evolution. You can find savings every month, savings that usually pay for the expense management platform many times over. This new model of precise cost management also frees up cash, which you can reinvest into the company. So you can have that bigger engine, too. #LongLiveTheRoadster  


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