Why Frequent Travelers Love Hipmunk

When it comes to booking travel, it can be hard to decide where to start. There are an overwhelming number of options and, no matter if you’re traveling for business or leisure, you want to make sure that you’re staying within budget without sacrificing any of the amenities that are important to you.

Hipmunk helps travelers instantly find the best plans with minimal effort. If your company has purchased Concur Hipmunk all these benefits (and more) are available to you when booking a business trip. Concur Hipmunk is a lightweight T&E solution built designed to meet the needs of SMBs today, while helping them prepare for the future – when they are ready to graduate to Concur Travel and one of our TMC partners. 

Here's what you can expect from Hipmunk, whether traveling for work or leisure:


Hipmunk does the searching for you

Hipmunk is a meta-search site, which means you’ll see results from major airlines, hotels and other booking sites. So say farewell to the multiple searches. With Hipmunk, you don’t need loads of browser tabs to make sure you’re not missing out on a deal.


Hipmunk makes it easy to find the best option

Hipmunk’s results make it easy to find flights and accommodations that work with your busy schedule and personal travel priorities.

With Hipmunk, transportation results are sorted by agony—taking into account things like flight time, layovers and price to prioritize the best options for you. Hipmunk also clearly displays the available amenities like WiFi, power & USB, and meal service.

Hotel options are uniquely sorted based on location, price, star ratings, reviews, and more and it’s easy to see which options come with the amenities that are important to you—like a gym or parking. You can even add a point of interest directly on the map to find hotels nearby.


Hipmunk shows you a wide variety of choices side-by-side

Your transportation and accommodation options aren’t limited to flights and hotels—and your search results should reflect that. With Hipmunk, you’ll also see homes, private rooms, trains, and charter flights.


Hipmunk lets you choose where to book so you can earn rewards

Once you find the transportation or accommodation option that works best for you, you can choose whether you want to directly on a hotel or airline website, or through another travel site. This way, you can continue to earn rewards points and miles—just like you did before.


Exclusive Concur Hipmunk benefits:

Sync your calendar to easily find plans that fit your schedule: As a business traveler, you have a crazy schedule. By syncing your calendar meetings and events appear on a map and directly within the flight results. This means you can easily book a hotel near the conference and book a flight that gets you in on time for your meetings.

Seamless integrations between TripIt Pro and Concur Expense: Concur Hipmunk makes booking business travel a breeze—but the benefits don’t stop there. The plans your book will flow into TripIt so you stay organized and one step ahead—on every trip. You’ll instantly get a master itinerary for all your trips and receive flight alerts and other helpful reminders during your trips so you don’t miss a beat.

When you're home from your trip, expense reports will already have been started for you. Hotel, airline, and car rental receipts from your Concur Hipmunk bookings are captured and categorized in your expense report.  Learn more about Concur Hipmunk for small businesses below: 


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