Who’s Managing Your Mobile and Wireless Spend?

Today, one in two in the US carries a smartphone, contributing to the deluge of devices that Enterprises aim to support. Here at Concur, we hear first-hand from customers in IT, finance and procurement who face the challenges of managing expenses and reporting when it comes to multiple mobile carriers, scores of plans, and the ability to embrace a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. Tracking mobility and data spend reporting can prove to be a cumbersome internal process. Recent reports indicate the average cost of an individual phone bill ranges over $75 a month, and incremental costs can add up quickly when multiplied across hundreds or thousands of employees.

The realization that mobile can comprise over 15% of IT spend today only adds to the complexity of IT and finance policies and spend management. What if there were an easy way to get control of your company’s mobile and wireless spend? Would you jump at the chance to help your business travelers and employees eliminate unnecessary roaming overages, downloads and inefficient pooling that could potentially save over 20% or more on a typical bill?

Join Concur along with App Center partner VisageMobile and customer CHEP.to learn tips and best practices for crafting and implementing effective wireless policies. We’ll share industry standards to help you benchmark your program. Find out how CHEP is approaching expense tools to improve visibility and gain control of their mobile spend.

If you aren’t managing your mobile and wireless  spend – who is?Take the time to learn some tips to help you eliminate unnecessary spend.

Webinar: Wednesday, March 19th – 10am PST / 1pm EST

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