Where to start? 8 steps toward effective T&E management

When preparing for travel & expense management policy change, the question becomes: how do you move from a free-for-all T&E environment to a more effective, cost-saving model?  Start with the basics:


  • Set goals: look at your travel policy and establish baselines. Identify what’s the largest drain on your T&E costs, then work incrementally.


  • Leverage new technology to make things easy for travelers, from booking a trip to automating as much of the expense report process as possible.


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  • Make it easy for infrequent travelers to use the system in place with just-in-time training.


  • Use the data you collect to negotiate with airlines, hotels—as well as non-travel related vendors.


  • Use travel cards to get rebates.


  • Sell your users on the benefits.


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  • Make it easy to do things the right way, and harder (longer processing times, etc.) to go rogue.



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