Where to Eat in Paris

Traveling to Paris anytime soon? If you’re an international business traveler you might be. In 2011, Concur reported that Paris was among the top 10 international destinations for business travelers. In fact, a bunch of Concurrians just returned from Paris themselves and you know what was top of everyone’s mind? (Besides business, of course!) Where to eat. It also turns out that a quick perusal of our own Twitter followers reveals that a lot of you are interested in dining on the road.

And we’re pretty serious about food around here. It’s great to eat out on a business trip or entertain clients, and it can be very easy to find tried-and-true tourist destinations for dining in major cities, but to be honest, sometimes the food in high traffic joints isn’t that great. We’re tapping into our international network of coworkers, frequent travelers, clients and friends to find hometown recommendations that will make you feel like you live there. Here’s Paris.


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