What’s Up with Ground Transportation Trends

Ground transportation doesn’t grab as many headlines as the airlines do, but more business travelers have been opting for the open road instead of the closed cabin in recent years. So what’s trending for business travelers on the road and the rails?


New national focus


In July, Anthony Foxx was sworn in as the new U.S. Secretary of Transportation. Foxx, former mayor of Charlotte, N.C., has plenty of experience on metropolitan transportation. In Charlotte, he accelerated the region’s transit plan and transformed the city. Thanks to Foxx, aviation may take a back seat in terms of national priorities; instead, be prepared to see some big improvements on the ground.


Going Greyhound, for more


When planes, trains or automobiles aren’t an option, Greyhound steps in. The bus service is taking a cue from the airline industry and boosting fares based on peak travel dates and times. That means travel managers with employees going by bus might get sticker shock.


Drive less, live closer


Turns out, some business travelers don’t want to travel at all. A recent study by the Public Interest Research Group found that as a country, we drive fewer total miles today than we did eight years ago. What changed?

Well, ask a millennial. As the first generation stuck on their smartphones, millennials are seeking transportation that allows them to stay connected while on the move. That means living in urban, walkable neighborhoods, traveling on trams or trains and passing on the petrol. And with so many millennials entering the road warrior workforce, they’re also seeking transport that allows them to get workable hours in while making their way out of town.

Plenty more transportation trends are heading down the line for fall. Between gas prices and proposed transportation cuts in the ongoing sequestration debate, ground transportation will continue be a hot topic for road warriors and travel managers – even if it doesn’t make the front page.

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