What's New at Concur - March 2017

Concur administrators - in case you missed the live show, here's What's New at Concur for March 2017:

  • Product News: What's new with the March 2017 release (00:59)
  • Fusion 2017 Keynote Highlights: Hear from Concur leaders about products & priorities (03:54)
    • Concur Budget demo (06:48)
    • Concur Risk Messaging demo (10:18)
    • Concur Expense Smart Drive demo (13:44)
  • Customer Question: How to help travelers handle hotel deposits (22:27)
  • ProTip: How to use TripIt's new "Go Now" feature (24:45)

Visit concur.com/webcast for info about the next edition of What's New at Concur.

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