What’s the ETA on Booking Flights from Your Mobile? It’s Already Here.

What on earth did we do before mobile technology? The days of booking travel weeks in advance, collecting paper receipts and filling out expense reports belong in the Stone Age. Today Concur is moving users into the Digital Age at a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it pace, affording millions of users the flexibility to book, travel and report expenses on the go.



As an industry leader, Concur was the first to introduce technology that turned a trip into an expense report. Now we’re the first to provide end-to-end travel on a mobile device, including air booking. Our mobile booking tool allows travelers to book flights, rental cars, hotels and everything in between from anywhere you are – all while staying in corporate policy and patronizing preferred corporate vendors.



It’s a win for the traveler because making changes on the fly is the name of the game in this new era of corporate travel. It’s also a win for travel managers, who get total visibility into employee preferences and purchases. When plans change on a dime, everyone can stay informed.

Our mobile app is free, and it’s available on iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry.



Meeting the needs of our customers is what brought about mobile booking in the first place. A natural progression of Concur’s product cycle, we've offered air bookings for years on our desktop travel solutions. Now, we incorporated all those features like preferred vendor lists, corporate policies and flexibility with direct connections into one app that provides road warriors with the most convenient – and policy-compliant – way to book on the go.

“Expanding and enhancing mobile booking is a priority for us and will continue to be as technology grows in this Digital Age,” says Ruben Alanis, Concur’s senior product manager. “We love comments we get from travelers about what they want next – we’re working hard to anticipate those needs and continue to lead the industry down the digital path.”

Update your Concur app to the latest versions found in the App Store, the Android Market and the BlackBerry App World.  

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