What’s brewing in the lab?

We’re continually creating new integrations and experimenting with new technologies to help travelers and travel managers. Especially in the new Concur Labs, where developers and designers are brewing new recipes to give you “The Perfect Trip.” For example, this week at CES, we showed how travelers can expense mileage directly from their car.


At Concur Labs, our charter is to pioneer integrations and prototypes that help improve life for business travelers, and enable them to expense from anywhere they choose. What’s key is that we factor in early feedback as we go and work with teams across the company.



Currently we’re building telematics for mileage tracking, travel admin time-savers and travel app tools. Here’s a sampling of projects underway:


“Trace”Expense Mileage from Your Car: This mobile app connects to your odometer to clock, log and track miles for expensing. You simply swipe to send business trip miles to Concur, and your mileage expense is ready for submission. We built the first concept at a Ford Developer Hackathon and then worked with Ford Motor Company to evolve this into a new feature for drivers. We presented the service at CES, the largest international consumer electronics and technology show, with 170K attendees.



App Recommendation Engine”—Get Apps You Need, When You Need ThemIf you travel often, you’re probably familiar with the hassles of anticipating traffic, navigating airports and finding the nearest Starbucks. When you book a business trip, a geo-targeted list of recommended travel apps comes to your Inbox or Android device. The service also factors in previous expense data to deliver personalized and relevant suggestions.



“Personal Card”Expense Charges from a Personal Card in a Click: It’s time-consuming to identify and log business-related charges from a personal credit card—and then create a cash transaction—just to be reimbursed. This test service simplifies the process. You: 1) Login to your personal bank account; 2) Click a button to identify business expenses; and 3) Instantly see your expenses in Concur.



Have a new innovation or integration idea? Contact us at conceptlab@concur.com. You’ll also find information on prototypes, projects and sample code on concurlabs.comConcur Labs at CES 2016


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