What's Ahead at Concur: Four Big Areas of Growth

We’re spending this week in Las Vegas at our largest global client conference, Fusion. For the blog, we’ve gathered up some of the thoughts and ideas that are driving us and what people are hearing about at our keynote addresses.Pictured below: Raj Singh, COO and President.

With a new TripIt partnership starting to flourish and a brand new office opened in Japan, Concur has definitely started 2011 at a clip. So, what’s around the corner for us? In what areas are we going to put significant energy? In four big words – mobile, social, cloud and platform.


Greater mobility that does not sacrifice productive usability emerged within the last few years as smartphones have taken their place as bona fide business tools. The character, needs and tools of the business traveler has changed. While we introduced our mobile offering two years ago and we have seen significant adoption, our end users have just begun to see the type of functionality that we and others will roll out in the coming years. There is plenty of room for new and dramatic innovation within the mobile space.


Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are not just popular destinations for consumers: they are powerful sources for productivity. For both of these reasons, we are building out our ability to connect peers via social media sites and tools to share travel plans, stay productive on the go and build or maintain relationships. With increased mobile functionality, social media expectations from end users and opportunities for businesses are just going to grow.


Cloud computing has been an integral part of Concur strategy for many years. It is also becoming the norm for solutions providers across industries and geographies. We are continually investing in and improving our on-demand capabilities and services to allow our customers the best solutions that fit their needs – regardless how they may evolve over time.


Integrating business solutions and extending service capabilities through add-on solutions is a fundamental need for most businesses. With Concur, organizations can use several integration options starting with simple extract file transfers. The Concur Connect Platform allows organizations the ability to extend Concur’s travel and expense management data and capabilities with an open, standards-based framework. Concur’s recent acquisition of TripIt is a good example of how Concur is putting the above areas of growth together to offer organizations and their employees more – more productivity and more choices.

To join the Fusion conversation, follow conference happenings on @ConcurInc on Twitter, search on the #fusion2011 hashtag, or visit our Concur Facebook page.

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