What Did Popchips Do to Make Happy Employees?

Popchips EmployeesKetih Belling started Popchips in 2007 and immediately caught the attention of snack lovers throughout the country with those healthy snacking chips. (We dare you to try a bag and see how long it takes until it’s empty… it won’t take long.)

Popchips has gained a fierce and devoted following. Their dedication and passion for snack lovers outside the company is also found within their company—for their employees. One of the things that we love about Popchips is how fervently they believe they need to make their employees happy. It’s a priority to them.

Through the years, as their sales have increased, so has their staff. The once 35 employees has grown to over 50. Ask any small business, keeping up with that kind of growth has its challenges. As departments get bigger and payroll expands, employees aren’t always down the hall anymore, let alone in the same building. One of the challenges encountered by Popchips was making expense reports a better experience for their employees, especially their sales and marketing team.

With 50 employees submitting spreadsheet-based reports, a lot of time is wasted manually inputting line items, attaching receipts and then mailing the reports across the country. It could take up to two months for employees to get their money back. Also, the old process was not transparent. Employees had no idea if their expense report had been approved by their manager or was in the process of being approved by accounting.

“The reality is, we needed to make our employees happy. And that is one of the main reasons why we implemented Concur Breeze.”

The result? Popchips has seen 100% increase in satisfaction from their sales and marketing staff. Employees get reimbursed quicker. The approval process is a lot easier for management. And accounting saves a ton of time and money by eliminating all that inputting.

Watch the video to hear more about the old way Popchips used spreadsheets, how they use Concur Breeze to save time and make their employees happy, and what they’re doing with all their extra free time now that the spreadsheets have been replaced (hint: it involves beach days).

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