We’re Thankful for Our Clients This Thanksgiving

At Concur, we have a lot to be thankful for. We’ve had an outstanding year, one filled with innovation and growth. We’ve made successful acquisitions of TripIt and GlobalExpense, and developed new product features and services like mobile version 8, Locate & Alert, and travel request – just to name a few. We ended the fiscal year with strong results, and we’re planning for 25% revenue growth in 2012. We’re hugely thankful for the success of our business. But, what’s really at the foundation of our success, year after year? Our clients.

We have the best clients in the world. In fact, to us, they’re not just clients – they’re more like family. With all the success and growth we’ve seen as a company this year, what we’re really thankful for is each and every client. So, as we approach Turkey Day, we wanted to hear how our clients will spend it.

No surprise, food is the common denominator. Ralph Colunga from Salesforce.com knows exactly what to load his plate up with – “Turkey drumsticks and pecan pie!”

And Chad Creelman from CLC has an interesting solution for what to do with a loaded plate: running. “A couple of months ago I was told that while running I personally burn about 161.25 calories per mile. So I did what any smart and savvy carnivore does and signed up for a marathon on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I figured that between the race and the residual calories burned by my recovering muscles, I should be a solid three pounds underweight for the main event.”

For Michelle Hunt at DHL Holdings, Thanksgiving evokes childhood traditions…especially for the day after Thanksgiving. “Growing up in Chicago, we would all get bundled up and go downtown to look at the holiday windows,” she says. “Everyone crowded around them to see what magical scene was created.” But the day is also a time to reflect on what’s special and important to her. “While these may be corny or traditional, I am thankful for family, friends and health,”

It’s a sentiment shared by Christopher DeCosmo from Constellation Brands, too. As he says, “I am thankful for the health and happiness of my family and look forward to hopefully welcoming our own addition to the table in the coming years.” The future is something we look forward to as well.

No matter how you spend your holiday gathering, with family and friends, or out running through your neighborhood so you can fit in that second helping of pumpkin pie, we hope you have a wonderful, special day filled with all that you love.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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