Welcome Small Business Expert Steve Strauss

Over the last few weeks, many of our clients have shared their success stories and reviews about how Concur Breeze has helped them streamline processes, save time, increase visibility and more. And, that’s what Concur Breeze is all about – helping small businesses, like yours, better manage the expense reporting process. We’re thrilled that Concur Breeze helps you increase efficiencies when it comes to expense reporting – it’s one facet to streamlining your small business as a whole.

But what about improving efficiencies outside of expense reporting? That’s important to your business too. And, we’re here to help. Starting tomorrow, you’ll hear from small business expert and author Steve Strauss on a weekly basis on Say Breeze. Each week, Steve will blog about what matters to your businesses – from topics related to marketing to creating a strong online presence to how industry news affects you. As a regular blogger on Say Breeze, Steve will help give you the tools to improve your business.

We’re thrilled to welcome Steve’s small business expertise into the Concur Breeze family. Check back often for small business tips and best practices that will help your organization thrive – see you tomorrow!

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