Web Services Helps Manage Contacts for the Sunshine Act

On July 20th we wrote about how the Physician Payment Sunshine Provision—aka the Sunshine Act is making the tracking of attendee spend in relation to health care providers a federal mandate and a reporting challenge for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

While shedding some sunlight on the payments that physicians receive from pharma and medical device manufacturers can be a good thing, it does create a lot of work for every sales rep, IT department, and finance department in that industry.

Connecting to the source

Thanks in part to requests from our pharmaceutical clients, we developed Concur Connect Web Services to enable clients to seamlessly integrate the systems they use with Concur’s services. This makes it much easier to track and apply specific expenses to specific health care providers, either by managing their sales interactions with health care professionals or with a 3rd party database that acts as the source for those contacts.

Steve. Stephen. Stephan.

Which one was the provider who helped out with the last speaker program? Searching for the right Dr. Stephen Smith can be confusing if there are six of them in Albuquerque. With Concur Connect Web Services, your users can gain access to your master HCP database and search on details such as the facility they work in, the NPI number, their specialty, their address, and more. And they can query the master list in real time so if the provider changed hospitals last week, your users are not pulling in old data. Plus, they aren’t compelled to “request” a new contact on the fly to get their expenses entered when they can’t seem to find the right individual because the data is out-of-date. Let them grab from the latest data and you have less risk of inaccuracies and duplicates.

With Concur Connect Web Services, we wanted to make the experience as easy as possible for users, helping to save them as much time in their day and preventing extra work where possible. To learn more about our Web Services, contact your sales or account representative.


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