Hackathon Finalists Demo New Apps Mid-Flight

As we approach our annual developer event, The Perfect Trip DevCon 2014, October 30, 2014, in San Francisco, we continue to meet developers using the Concur Platform and Concur APIs in new and creative ways. Case in point: Hackathon finalists from the first traveler-themed Wearable Hackathon, hosted by Wearable World and American Airlines, used Concur APIs to help the "connected-traveler" on the journey. Then they demo’d how their apps work in mid-flight. Yes, mid-flight.


Demo’ing Apps Mid-Flight on American Airlines

Finalists from the Wearable Hackathon demo’d their apps while flying from SFO to JFK onboard the new American Airlines Airbus A321 Transcontinental (A321T). In mid-flight, they showcased their apps to members of the press and hackathon judges—then  landed back in SFO for the award ceremony.

The top three finalists used Concur APIs, specifically the Itinerary API, which enables apps to integrate with the Concur Platform and deliver services related to traveler itineraries.



UsTwo, the hackathon winner, allows you to select people to receive notifications as you progress across your journey. It uses your phone to interact with beacons that identify your specific location.

Three of the four teams used the Itinerary API from Concur.

Inflight Social helps you connect with friends and co-workers on the same flight.




Proximity Signage (demo video here), uses existing airport signage to display contextually relevant information to anyone who approaches. Using a combination of technologies (dongles, beacons, apps), the app concept pulls information from Concur Expense and Itinerary APIs to help display directions, restaurant recommendations and more.

As Wall Street Journal and Wearables World News report we’re always looking to push the boundaries of innovation in the business travel space through the Concur Platform.


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