Wearable Hackathon Helps Business Travelers Get Smart

(Picture courtesy of Kyle Lloyd)

The first traveler-focused hackathon for wearables, hosted last week by Wearable World and American Airlines, explored the new, fast-growing market for wearables. As sponsors, the Concur API team provided APIs to help developers build new wearable solutions for Concur users. Other API sponsors included SITA, GoGo, MasterCard, IBM, Pebble, Points.com, SticknFind, Avegant, and more.


Wearable Ideas Here’s a sampling of creative concepts that came out of the hackathon:


  What Can Business Travelers “Wear” Right Now? ABIresearch reports that the wearables market will be worth $18B by 2019. Salesforce, for instance, is jumping into wearables with their Salesforce Wear Developer Pack, helping developers bring wearables into the enterprise space. Our first deliverable? Concur for Glass, which lets you capture receipts on the go using Google Glass and voice commands. hack2 And TripIt for Glass gives you real-time flight updates by way of Google Glass. hack3 Other wearables available or coming soon to the travel market include a wearable boarding pass that connects smartwatches with the NCR Wallet Library, a code base used by major airlines to deliver mobile boarding passes; a concierge experience from Virgin Airlines and luggage tracking devices using iBeacon.


5 Ways Wearables Could Improve Life on the Road Here’s 5 more examples of how wearables could change travel as we know it:


  1. Booking: Get booking alerts and deals via a smartwatch
  2. Navigation: Access airport navigation en route with a wearable
  3. Destination: Pay QR-enabled restaurants Point-of-Sale using a wearable
  4. Baggage Tracking: Receive baggage pickup notifications with a device
  5. Expense Reimbursement: Review items purchased in trip and flag business expenses via a smartwatch



Have a new travel app for wearables, or another great travel solution? Learn how to build and deliver your solution to 25M Concur users in 190 countries worldwide:


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