We Spend, Therefore We Are

Nothing tells us quite as much about ourselves as how we choose to spend our money. The woman walking her poodle with a diamond-studded leash or the man driving his tricked out truck with chrome-everything need not say another word to help us understand where their priorities are.

The same goes for how we spend our T&E budgets. The recent Concur T&E Spend Report highlights some of the T&E spending trends over the past quarter, and tells us a lot about where our clients’ heads are at. And it’s clear that they’re squarely focused on growing their businesses.

It seems like more business travelers than ever are out on the road, serving their clients, fostering new relationships and strengthening their partnerships. People are once again traveling for business. That’s really what all that spending is telling us. What’s amazing is that whether it’s Mumbai or Melbourne or Oslo or Orlando, spending is pretty much up across the board. A few of the more interesting stats in our report include:

  • Did you know that dining in New York is over 40% more expensive than dining in Atlanta?
  • An average hotel room in New York is almost 2.5 times more expensive than a room in Tampa
  • San Jose and Atlanta are the champs when it comes to ground transportation, clocking in at an average of almost $50

But what these stats don’t convey is just how many business travelers quietly go about their jobs, enduring security lines, late or cancelled flights, missed connections and time away from their loved ones. But even those unreported stats tell us something… business travelers are a key cog in the world’s economic engine. And as long as they keep traveling, we’ll be here to try and help make their trips just a bit more productive.

In the meantime, let us know what kinds of T&E spend info you’d like to know more about. We’ll keep crunching the numbers and report back here every once in a while. In the meantime, safe travels!

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