Washington Nationals Baseball Club: paper strikes out with the Washington Nationals

This post is the third in our Small Business Week Spotlight series featuring a few of the remarkable small businesses we work with here at Concur.


Company: Washington Nationals

Number of Employees: 250

Industry: Entertainment


Small business week is here just in time for baseball season. From hot dogs, cracker jacks and peanuts, what’s not to love about the game? Here at Concur, we like to think of ourselves as our own team. We spend our days eliminating the pain of filing expense reports and reducing the amount of paper so our clients, or in this case, athletes, can get their head in the game.


In fact, we hear from a lot of our small business clients how much of a pain it is to keep track of all of their receipts. Case in point, it was a major issue for one of the baseball teams that we work with, the Washington Nationals.


The Washington Nationals Baseball Club knows what it takes to leave it all on the field. In fact, the Nationals had an exceptional year in 2014. They won 96 games and pulled in their 2nd NL East title in 3 years. Headquartered in Washington, D.C. with their spring training facility in Viera, Florida, the team has an extensive travel schedule.


With 250 employees including team staff and players, the team generates approximately 1,800 expense reports every year. How do they keep track of all of their receipts, you ask? Well, with Concur, we make it easy. Employees can snap a photo of their receipts and create their expense reports through our mobile app.


Kelly Pitchford, Senior Director of Accounting for the Nationals tells us “all that crazy paper is gone - the cost of mailing; lost receipts; faxing paperwork; paper filing and storage. All of our T&E data is immediately accessible online.”


So, let’s give it up for the Washington Nationals, who have a lot more innings to go. Whether they’re traveling to spring training or to the playoffs, submitting expense reports is a snap.


Want to see how Concur can help your business toss paper receipts and bring you’re a-game? Learn more here.


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