Want to Ride the Fusion Wave at #CF2013?

Last year, we put together the Wave for Fusion attendees to meet each other, start conversations, and help break the ice. We’re all here together, right?

After all, people head to a conference not only to learn, but also to meet new people and make connections. It’s of the biggest draws of any conference and social media can help get the ball rolling.


Ice, ice breaker

Riding the Wave means that Fusion attendees who join the Twitterverse have a better opportunity to meet, find and connect with other Fusion attendees online – before and during the event. It also gives Wave riders the chance to win free registration for Fusion 2014.


Join in!

Last year was fun for everyone. And this year we want to help get even more attendees chatting and sharing their experiences.. Here’s how:

  1. It’s easy. Start or join in on conversations about the event on Twitter.There are plenty of ways you can get in on the action each day:
    • Tweet what you learned in a session
    • Tweet questions to presenters or other session participants
    • Twitpic a shot of Fusion happenings or your new friends
    • Tweet out a quote from keynotes, a session or presentation
  2. Every good game has rules: you need to use @Concur (or how else will we know you’re part of the Concur community?) and you must use #CF2013 (so we know that you’re part of the Fusion event). And you must be an attendee at Fusion in Las Vegas this year. More rules here.


Eager to get started? Do the Wave Pre-funk

Start early with our Wave pre-funk. Kicking off Monday, March 18 and going until Monday, April 15, we’ll watch the Twitterverse for those of you who want to connect and start the conversation rolling.


  • Tweet anything you’d like about going to Fusion using @Concur and our conference hashtag #CF2013
  • Pre-funkers are eligible to win prizes with a weekly drawing leading up to the event (prizes will be awarded in Las Vegas)


All Wave participants will be entered in for a chance to win the grand prize Fusion registration for 2014! The more you tweet, the better chance you have at winning!

So head back to your company not just armed with knowledge and best practices – but with a group of new peers to reach out to and check in with down the road.

Get tweeting and maybe it’ll be your way of getting to Fusion 2014. We’d love to see you there. Visit our Fusion Wave webpage for more details.


Not a Twitter pro yet? Learn how to tweet with the best of them.



Questions? Let us know in the comments below.  


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