Video Makes Your Site Sticky

I don’t need to tell you that everything is moving online in a BIG way. For instance, if you are reading this blog then it is highly likely that you have already learned that our friends at Concur Breeze makes expense reporting much easier. How? By offering it online.

Well, what about you? Are you maximizing your Web presence?

I am sure that you have a great website; that is a given. And it is also a pretty safe bet that you know a bit about search engine optimization (SEO) by now. Most of us do. Adding key words and phrases to your site and tags, creating great content, getting links to your site – all of the usual SEO stuff is, well, usual by now.

So how do you stand out in this crowded Web 2.0, interconnected, flat word? One word:


Let me suggest that of all the things you can be doing now to solidify and grow your business, adding video to your site, and then search engine optimizing that video, is one of the easiest and most effective.

The reason is two-fold:

First, video makes your site sticky. That is, because it engages people, because it is different than reading, video makes people want to stick around your site longer. And the longer they stick around, the more opportunity you have to impress and connect with them.

In fact, research indicates that if you have video on your homepage, it is clicked first by more than half of all site visitors.

Moreover, video is unique in that it can create that personal connection that is otherwise so difficult to forge online. Online, yours is just another website in a sea, nay, ocean of websites. But as soon as you put some video on your site, it suddenly becomes more interesting, and potentially more personal.

I say “potentially” because not all video is created equal. Sure, you can have some product demonstrations and that is well and good, but that is not enough.

What about a personal introduction? Or consider a goofy “meet the staff” clip. By offering your site visitors some sort of personal videos to watch, your site (and business) instantly become much user- friendly.

The second reason video is such an effective growth tool is that it offers some exceptionally powerful SEO benefits because these days most search results are blended (that is, the results page lists sites, articles, and video in the search results.) So, if you search engine optimize your video (descriptions, tags, etc.) you vastly increase your SEO because most online video is not search engine optimized. Your SEO video therefore pops to the top of search results.

And with technology being what it is today, creating some great-looking video clips is both easy and affordable. So put some on your site. Your site visitors will be glad you did.

Steve Strauss is a contributing writer for Say Breeze. Visit Steve's website.

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