Vice President at NielsenIQ Shares Top Book Inspiration for 2021

Our 2021 top book and podcast recommendations from thought leaders across the travel and expense (T&E) industry is now available! Subramanyam Kumarapuram, Vice President at NielsenIQ, shares why he recommended No Rules Rules by Reed Hastings and Erin Myers and How to Lead by David Rubenstein:


Q: Why did you select these books as your recommendations for 2021?  

A: I was looking for two categories of books to best beat the pandemic fatigue and to motivate myself, plus learn techniques on both leadership and changes that fit the new era. The workplace is changing, and some changes would remain in place post COVID-19. The need to adapt and adjust to those new changes needs both leadership inspiration and tools that are easily applied to achieve results.

Q: How can the advice from the books help others in the business environment and T&E industry?

A: Hasting's book is an eye opener as the information age shrinks everything and brings more pressure across multiple areas, ranging from a faster time to market, to real-time, full-scale automation, to the use of modern technologies that come into play; his book gives real insights into innovating during this phase and beyond. This is especially important where reinventing corporate culture has always been a touchy subject with many looking at the past and hardly innovating beyond small changes. Hastings’ takes bold steps to change some of these established practices, which are often seen unwelcome, dispelling the myth and motivating us to make changes that are impactful. And this book has been a game changer in that aspect. New start-ups and modern age companies are forcing older enterprise companies to adapt to these changes.

As for Rubenstein's book, he interviews top leaders, focusing on what has led to their success, their attributes, and what makes them legendary.  

When you put the teachings of these books together, you get a blend of both leadership and finite tools and techniques for innovation that today's rapidly changing workspace needs to bear. And if you can glean even a small percentage of what these two books advocate, you will feel more liberated to have a healthy conversation to move the needle further in the work space, often across the board, finding parallels to innovate what you encounter. 

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