Unlocking the power of data through Concur Intelligence

In the not so distant past, organizations struggled to enforce controls and compliance in their travel expense and invoice management programs due in part to lack of data and visibility. Nowadays, organizations generate more data than they usually know what do with. According to a recent study by EMC Corporation, the digital universe is doubling in size every two years and will multiply 10-fold between 2013 and 2020 – from 4.4 trillion gigabytes to 44 trillion gigabytes. Deploying an effective business intelligence strategy and creating effective reports and dashboards can help your organization unlock the power of your growing data. Data, when leveraged properly, can drive business performance and create new opportunities. Concur offers a solution called Concur Intelligence Premium that integrates and organizes all of your travel, expense and invoice data to give you a single, accurate, actionable view of every dollar your company spends.


With Concur’s reporting tools, you can enhance out-of-the-box reports or create your own dashboards that give individual team members a look at the metrics that matter to them. Concur Intelligence Premium uses a Cognos reporting tool to give users of all skill levels the ability to run their own reports, develop their own dashboards and create custom inquiries. So each member of your team can access and analyze the right information their way. While the degree of complexity and effort varies per organization, here are four steps you can follow to leverage Intelligence Premium and strategically organize your data and reports to ensure all the right people have the best data possible:  


  1. Understand Their Needs: Identify your primary audience and get to know their needs. Set the standards by which you will measure the project’s success.
    • Define the audience and scope
    • Survey and interview report recipients
    • Prioritize their requirements
    • Define measures of success
  2. Plan and Design: Develop a plan to meet your primary audience’s needs and design the reports or dashboards with them.
    • Define functional information areas
    • Perform inventory of Concur standard reports and match them with your audience needs
    • Evaluate need for custom reports, or Concur standard report modification
    • Design report data architecture, layout, and display
    • Identify ways to make the make reports easily accessible and intuitive to use
    • Detail design requirements
  3. Build and Test: Build the solution based on your design and test it to ensure that it satisfies your audience’s requirements.
    • Build foundation reports (custom and Concur standard report modification)
    • Build display and dashboards
    • Build folders and pages to make reports easily accessible to audience
    • Test the build, performance and ease of use
    • Perform user acceptance testing
  4. Deploy and Change: Provide documentation, training, and communication to your audience. Roll out the solution and measure its success!
    • Plan deployment
    • Create change management materials
    • Transition knowledge to support teams
    • Deploy changes
    • Gauge success based on pre-defined measures

Understanding the needs of your organization is not just the first step, but the most important one. It ensures that all your efforts are concentrated toward designing, building, testing, and deploying the solution most fitting to empower and equip your audience. The amount of reports and data out there can be overwhelming – that’s why it’s imperative to curate only what’s most valuable to your organization.  


About Acquis Acquis is a consulting firm specializing in strategy and implementation.  Acquis helps ambitious organizations solve business challenges that enable sustainable growth and healthy efficiency. They do this by not just designing strategies but also putting them to work.  Concur and Acquis have partnered to bring the very best experience in Travel & Expense Management. Acquis has been assisting clients with Concur implementations for more than 15 years and is proud to be the first official strategic partner in Concur’s Certified Implementation Partner program.

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