Unlock the Power of the BlackBerry App for Your Coworkers

BlackBerry users of the world unite! Remember when they were called CrackBerrys? They were addictive little buggers. Frankly, a lot of people couldn’t stop pulling them out of their pockets, briefcases and purses to check them over and over again for email, text messages, and well, just because. Being constantly connected to your smartphone has become so common and ubiquitous that we don’t even notice it anymore. Since we’re all doing it, it just seems so normal now.

The iPhone and Android have so many of those early BlackBerry features that sometimes it seems that they have taken over where BlackBerry seems to have left off. But we know that BlackBerry still enjoys a firm market share, especially with businesses. We’ve recently learned that BlackBerry purchases represent 69 percent of all business smartphone purchases and that percent increased to 81 percent for the largest businesses with 1,000+ employees. That’s a lot of BlackBerrys out there in the business world.

If you’re in one of those companies that primarily purchases BlackBerrys, do yourself and your company a favor: look into Concur for smartphones. We’re pretty certain the app has features that your fellow coworkers would appreciate knowing about:

  • Need to view travel itineraries and make hotel and car reservations? We’ve got that covered.


  • Need enter quick expenses and capture expense receipts? No problem.


  • How about submit expense reports, and review and approve expense reports (with receipts attached)? Yes, the BlackBerry app can do that too. All while staying compliant with corporate travel and expense policies.

Another interesting piece of information that we’ve uncovered? The majority of our enterprise customers who use BlackBerrys are senior executives who travel frequently. One way to help them make the most of their time is by using the itinerary and file-as-you-go receipt uploading functionality of Concur for smartphones. Just take a picture of the receipt, and toss that little piece of paper away. No need to file it, keep it, or track it again. Managers will also appreciate being able to approve trips, and review and approve expense reports while traveling.

View Trip

Review Expense Report

While it may seem that iPhone and Android have all the latest and greatest apps, we continue to focus on creating a great travel and expense app for the BlackBerry. So if you’re a travel and expense manager, you have a great opportunity to play a pivotal role in educating and encouraging your users to try out the Concur for smartphone app. And while you’re at it, check out TripIt for business travelers. You’ll have your coworkers cheering your name.


Resources to support Concur clients and your new Concur mobile users can be found by logging in to Concur Client Central and TripIt.  Additional information about BlackBerry apps may be found at BlackBerry App World and BlackBerry App World Support.


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