United Airlines Mobile App Booking

After connecting their accounts, travelers can now make reservations on United Airlines mobile app, receive your company’s negotiated rate where available, and receive booking data in their Concur account. Also, they can easily submit United Airlines tickets with e-receipts that automatically create an expense.

The integration allows users to book directly on the United Airlines Website and United Airlines Mobile App, and automatically brings bookings into Concur without a need to email to plans@concur.com, providing immediate visibility into traveler spend and monitoring for policy rules, if applicable. The integration also delivers further traveler flexibility through the delivery of an e-receipt for each booking. The United Airlines Mobile App provides even more flexibility to the travelers’ booking experience while still integrating the bookings into the managed travel program. 

Learn more about United Airlines: www.united.com 
TripLink App Center Listing: https://www.concursolutions.com/?hpo=20&cte=57629f1b6d67a913000e6310 
Client Admin Reference Page: https://www.concur.com/en-us/triplink-united 

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