TripIt Now Available on Google Glass

This post was originally published on the TripIt blog to announce the availability of TripIt for Google Glass. We thought readers of the Concur Blog would be interested to know this was available. 

Is it just us or does Google Glass seem to be everywhere these days?

Well, we’re excited to be a part of it, and announce that you can access all your TripIt and TripIt Pro travel plans on Glass. Just imagine a gate-change notification or flight status update while you’re sprinting through the airport, luggage in tow and coffee in hand. Way better than rushing to the wrong gate, right?



Getting timely trip info at eye level lets you to keep your smartphone tucked away while still getting the necessary info you need to make your travels a breeze. Your flight details are displayed upon arrival at the airport, followed by a car rental, hotel, and any other travel reservations previously forwarded to

Now that Google Glass is available for all to buy, it could very well become the new “must-have” travel accessory. Either way, we’re excited to share what we’ve developed and to continue to work toward our goal of enabling the perfect trip. So tell us: would you use Glass for travel?

To read more, check out Google’s blog post on traveling with Glass.


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