TripIt for Business: Bringing Office Travel into the 21st Century

When we created TripIt for Business, we took the same TripIt technology you’ve come to rely on for organizing all your plans in one place, and used it to make office travel easier for travelers, travel coordinators and colleagues.

For better or for worse, a lot of companies are still dealing with unnecessary headaches related to office travel. If the scene below feels all too familiar, you may want to pass this along to your boss.

Today, we’re going a step further by helping managers understand how much travel is on the books, and learn money-saving tips from the company’s road warriors. By accessing real-time spending data in TripIt for Business, you can quickly get answers about how much has been spent on travel this year, what travel spend will be in the next 30 or 90 days, and who the most frequent and efficient travelers are.


TripIt for Business screenshot


And you get all this great data even if you don’t book all your travel in one place.Freedom to book where you want, plus the intelligence you need to run your business – that’s TripIt for Business.

Perhaps you or someone in your company treks to the same cities over and over? That’s a wealth of knowledge on how to get the most bang for your travel buck. Here are some of my money-saving tips:

Battle Hymn of a Frugal Business Traveler

  • Keep calm and carry on: travel lighter to save a buck (bonus tip: volunteer to check for free at the gate if they need more room)
  • Avoid hidden fees: hit the ATM before you get on the road, or in a cab
  • Skip the taxi line: check to see if your hotel has an airport shuttle
  • Built-in meals: look for business-friendly hotels that offer free continental breakfast (and a newspaper, to boot)
  • Surf for free: many hotels and airports offer free wi-fi - $20 daily fees are so 2002

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