Traveling soon? 5 tips to keep you healthy while on the road

Maintaining healthy behaviors when traveling can be a challenge: modified routines, unfamiliar places, & different demands on time.  A survey by TripIt found that 67% of users reported that exercising on overnight travel is a significant stressor.  One of the biggest ways to reduce the stress of travel on health is to plan ahead.  Here are 5 tips to help you plan for healthy living while traveling, for work or for play.  


1. Find places to run, walk or workout before you get there: tools like localeikki and Strava help you efficiently search for recommended trails, paths, parks and routes in cities across the globe.  You can find a place to your liking close to your accommodations and commit it to your calendar. Many hotel brands have given their fitness rooms a makeover in recent years as well, and provide details on web pages.



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2. Exercise first thing in the morning: never assume you'll have time for it in later in the day. Meetings go late, vacation cocktail hour starts early and exercise plans go out the window.  This is particularly important in hot and humid locales (like Orlando, the location of this year's GBTA conference from July 25-29), where conditions can really strain the body's systems and put a damper on exercise motivation. Wake up & get it done. You'll be happy you did!



3. After you exercise, eat a good breakfast. While I may sound like you're mother, starting the day with a good breakfast gives you fuel to get through the morning.



4. Staying on the sustenance theme, pack healthy snacks like fruit or nuts.  If you're like me, days get overplanned and meals are squeezed in on the go, which often means I'm eating poorly, or not at all.  This is especially helpful when flying, in case of delays or stale pretzels.



5. Stay hydrated: The opening line of this article says it best: "Every single cell in the human body needs water to function properly." Carry your own water bottle to be in control of your hydration & reduce the impact on the earth of all those plastic bottles.  Many airports, convention centers and public spaces now have bottle fillers at the water fountains, making it easy for your cup to runneth over.



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About the author:Tracy McMillan, CEO & Founder oflocaleikki, a Concur App Center Partner company, uses her expertise in public health and urban planning to help people stay active wherever they travel.  When not geeking out on health & travel tech, she can be found on a trail, a golf course or relaxing with family.


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