Travel Gadgets We Can’t Leave Without

I just returned from the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show and was struck by how many companies are integrating Bluetooth Low Energy technology, or Bluetooth Smart, into their products. For any frequent traveler worried about losing luggage, devices or keys, these travel gadgets help you keep track of your belongings. 

Bluetooth Smart Devices

Tile, for instance, is a Tag device that fits in your luggage or can be attached to your laptop. It comes with an associated app that lets you track down any items using Tile. If the App can’t locate your Tile, then you can just signal your Tile to ring you. Proximo, Stick-N-Find , Hipkey offer similar products. Need to find your wallet, laptop or dog? These gadgets are here to help.

While Bluetooth Smart technology shows great promise, the current working range is about 30 meters. What if your stuff wanders farther?


GPS Travel Gadgets


Smart GPS devices use satellite-based technologies to help find your bags or, in some cases, you. Take TrakDot: it’s a small, sleek GPS-based tracking device that fits in your luggage and IMs you when your bag arrives. TrackStick connects to 24 satellites to remember your route, path or drive. You can keep a satellite record of everywhere you traveled and re-locate favorite destinations. And the Garmin GTU 10 enables your choice of friends and family to find your exact location from a mobile phone.

The next wave builds these capabilities directly into your suitcase, purse or eyeglasses—so you never lose anything again. I’d like to see these devices integrated with Concur’s Platform so when I book a flight to New York, my bags will notify me if they’re off to Boston.  

Do you have a device that can help travelers worldwide?

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