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Mobile Travel Sales: $16B and Growing

Today and tomorrow’s travelers are increasingly going to their devices to research, plan, book and optimize their trips. According to a 2014 report from eMarketer, U.S. mobile travel sales (including travel purchases on tablets and smartphones) totaled $16.36B in 2013, and is expected to jump to $64.69B by 2018. In addition, Skift’s State of the Traveler Report finds that 67% of travelers purchase hotel bookings from a mobile device, and 49% purchase flights from a mobile device or tablet. And note that 27% of the mobile travel audience earns more than $100K.


At the same time, nearly 39% of travelers ages 25-34 and 29% of travelers ages 35-44 prefer to research travel via search and social media, according to the Skift report. When it comes to business travelers, 48% plan to use peer-to-peer sharing in the next year.



All these trends point to the ever-growing opportunity for new apps and services.



Apps for the Entire Travel Lifecycle

Different apps come in handy during different parts of the travel lifecycle. You see a host of examples in this blog article. Travelers can benefit from apps for:


These are just a few examples of what’s in the Concur App Center today.


How the Concur Platform & Ecosystem Can Help With the Concur Platform, you can tap an ecosystem for business travelers. We offer a comprehensive set of API docs, SDKs, a sandbox and a support forum to get started. Here’s an overview of popular APIs: Concur platform ecosystem



Itinerary Web Service: This allows you to understand when and where opt-in travelers will be, so you can provide relevant services such as taxi, car, dining, city guides, concierge offerings, tours, directions, flights and hotels.



Expense Web Services: This enables you to integrate a range of productivity apps to help automate and manage expenses; provide oversight on expenses and ensure compliance.



Receipts: This enables merchants to submit receipts directly to an expense report, making it easier for users to expense products and services. Use this with Expense and Invoice Web services to exchange and integrate receipt information.



Showcasing Apps at Fusion 2015

If you have a productivity solution for business travel and expenses, get certified by February 27, 2015, and we'll waive certification and listing fees, and promote your app at Fusion 2015, our largest annual customer event.



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