Why Transient Travel Should Be Managed

The second of a three part series of changes taking place in the travel industry from one of the leading Global Travel Management companies, FROSCH was recognized #3 by BTN with offices in 17 countries serving travelers in all time zones both domestically and globally. In part one of this three part series, we shared with you the shift and growth in the travel industry, particularly regarding travelers’ self-awareness about their booking habits made outside conventional booking channels. These Conscious Travelers use integrated technology which connects all travel data, made in or out of channel, while also remaining compliant with travel policies, providing value to all. In this second part, we discuss the ways that transient travel can be managed to provide greater visibility and add tremendous value to a corporate travel management program.  


Why Transient Travel should be managed

AirlinesMany companies with less than 500 employees often believe that their travel is not big enough to be managed, so their travel is often booked on public websites. With many changes taking place in the travel industry with a world that has grown smaller and in some ways, more dangerous, mid-size companies have options available to manage travel, secure corporate discounts and provide Duty of Care.

A good example of this is Starwood Hotels (a Concur TripLink Supplier) who provide a transient hotel program, Starwood Preferred Guest, which measures individual nights stayed. Consolidating transient travel can bring additional value by increasing discounts; bonus free hotel nights or increased services at designated properties. Recent program changes by Starwood Hotels track the total number of nights booked across all brands for small to medium businesses. This creates opportunities for companies that traditionally haven’t had enough hotels booked at a single location to qualify for a preferred corporate rate program. With FROSCH negotiated hotel rates, companies can better manage their hotel expenses by using and capturing 100% of the travel that is booked.

Many of the FROSCH small to midsize customers have consolidated transient air programs in place. FROSCH has secured these agreements with the airlines that provide a soft dollar discount across all trips that are booked, averaging 3 to 4%. Being able to capture all data and have visibility to 100% of the travel program allows companies to reduce the cost of travel by participating in these programs.  


FROSCH API Helps Companies Better Manage Travel

Working with Concur's TripLink application, FROSCH has created proprietary technology that captures 100% of a company’s travel spend regardless of distribution channel and places this information on the FROSCH agent desktop.

By consolidating data, assisting travelers when changes take place and provide comprehensive Duty of Care, FROSCH brings additional visibility and value to the mid-size corporation. When the Perfect Trip has a disruption, whether it’s a flight cancellation or local emergency, FROSCH agents can minimize frustration, ensure safety and maintain compliance by making changes on the go with a complete view of travel data.

Additional benefits gained by capturing 100% of travel, include providing Duty of Care and knowing where your travelers are. By being a Concur Preferred Partner, the Concur FROSCH customers are eligible to receive alerts, travel updates and the capability to send SMS messaging in real time. Messaging can be used to help remind travelers of policy reminders, keeping them on track before potential problems occur that could disrupt their travel plans.  


Travel ecosystem and the Concur App Center

With hundreds of partner applications inside the Concur ecosystem, FROSCH is taking a leading position in the industry. By integrating with travel apps that connect all parts of a traveler’s journey, we leverage technology to ease the burden and stress of business travel and allow travel managers to focus on compliance and duty of care. At FROSCH Travel, we assist customers to design a customized travel program that brings additional value and services. We do this by understanding a company’s corporate culture, travel patterns and goals. Many of these travel applications will increase traveler productivity and services for the transient traveler providing the next generation of travel management. Check back here on the Concur blog for part three of this series highlighting the changing face of the travel industry from FROSCH Travel, one of the leading Global Travel Management companies worldwide.

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