Top 7 Signs You’re at Work in the Social Era

Are you on the 3G or the 4G? Or does your phone still flip up or even bare the moniker “candy bar phone”? Finding it tough to keep up on the latest technologies? You’re not alone. Technology is advancing at a breakneck pace. Imagine being a company trying to keep up with it all.

Companies are always on the lookout for the tools and processes that allow their employees to be as efficient and productive as possible – whether they’re on the road or in the office. Is your company one of the many who have become a part of the social revolution?

Here are some ways you can tell if you’re in one of those companies embracing the latest and greatest innovations out there:

  1. Thanks to that loud speaker in the background, people can tell you’re attending the meeting from the airport.
  2. The kind of cloud over your head is the kind that automatically backs up your data.
  3. The words “collaborate” and “share” roll easily off your tongue.
  4. You set up meetings based on the location of people in at least three different time zones.
  5. Your smartphone is otherwise known as your personal assistant.
  6. Conversations with coworkers usually involve a form of instant messaging and words like “brb,” “btw” and “lol.”
  7. Your coworkers know all about your latest business travel adventures thanks to your posts on Facebook or Twitter (and what you expensed for dinner thanks to that photo on Instagram).

If any of the above sounded all-too familiar to you, you probably already know that you’re on the cutting edge of technology. Seeing that you’re one of the many in a company that’s embraced mobile, social and cloud technologies, find out how managing your travel and entertainment expenses can be more easily handled thanks to the integration between CRM and T&E.

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