Top 4 Ways to Soothe Stress at the Airport

Regardless of where you travel this holiday season, chances are that if it’s through a U.S. airport, you’re bound to feel some stress. To help you dash through these airports during the upcoming holiday we have a few tried and true tips designed to relieve the tension on your next trip to the airport:

Tip 1: There’s an app for that

According to our research, 62% of business travelers agree and use apps to ease the burden of things like booking, check-in or flight status updates. If you want to wipe away worry with the help of technology, try these apps:

  • My TSA provides the latest details on regulations, warnings and security, as well as individual airport data courtesy of the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

  • FlySmart gets you prepared for each leg of your journey, including details on parking availability, ground transportation, baggage claim locations and more.

  • FlightCaster uses six factors to help predict flight delays – even before the airlines do.

  • GateGuru ranks the best food, shopping and services in the airport for when you have a quick connection or a long layover.

  • And, of course, TripIt Pro, which keeps you in the know with flight status alerts, gate change updates and alternate flight options.

Tip 2: Skip the lines with Global Entry

If you’re an international flier, consider signing up for U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Global Entry pass, which automatically enrolls you into the TSA PreCheck, a program that sends you through security faster – if you’re flying on American or Delta.

Not only can you fly through immigration quicker with the Global Entry pass, but you also get an “express lane” to pick up your checked luggage. At a cost of $100, the program saves road warriors a lot of time normally spent idling in line at customs. And, you may be able to expense it.

Tip 3: Book your flight wisely

Avoid the crowds. Checking in online before you set foot in the airport will help you bypass the hordes of travelers crowding the check-in counter. Choosing your seat at the time of booking also gives you an advantage of all the people who didn’t. Avoiding delays is also a smart strategy. The best ways to do it include flying nonstop, booking the second or third flights out in the morning (before there’s any chance of delays), and flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday – days when fewer leisure travelers will be jockeying for the overhead bin.

Tip 4: Keep calm and carry-on

Pack your bag with the TSA in mind will help smooth the security process. If you’re carrying on, abide by the 3-1-1 liquid rule and get your fluids and electronics ready for the scanner before you get to the front. Your fellow travelers will thank you.

Did we miss anything? What are your secrets to navigating stressful airports? Tweet us @Concur or add your suggestions to the comments below and let us know your top tips!



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