Top 3 Ways Social Media Has Changed Business Travel

In the past five years, Millennials have flooded the business travel workforce, tweeting, status updating and blogging their way through work. Marketers took notice and changed the way they advertise – online, on social media.

So just how much have Facebook, LinkedIn and the like changed business travel? Well, 85 percent of road warriors now think business is more enjoyable than it was five years ago, according to a recent study by Embassy Suites Hotels. Social media has helped make it better. Here’s how:

#1: Discount and deals

Before the rise of social media, you may have looked forward to the Sunday paper travel section to see the latest flight specials or hotel offers. Now, all you need is a smartphone and a Twitter app. Between car rentals and upgrades, you can check out all the latest discounts with the flick of a finger, in real time.


#2: News you can use


The Embassy report says 85 percent of business travelers follow particular brands on social media – they want to check out the latest news in real time, like policy changes, mergers or loyalty program updates. With so many travelers hanging on a brand’s every tweet, social media has upped the ante on sharing travel news quickly.


#3: Reviews matter more


Reading reviews has never been more important to business travelers. Online reviews are considered critical when booking and nearly two-thirds of 21-29 year-olds voice their opinions on a brand’s social media page. But serial Facebookers beware: it’s important to know your corporate social media guidelines if you post as a representative of your company.

Social media channels are now the top spot to shop for discounts, learn about brands and read those all-important reviews before you book. Social media has completely changed business travel in the last five years, linking road warriors with companies around the world, all in thanks to the connective habits of Millennials.


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Photo courtesy of: Cubmundo


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