The Top 10 Job-Related Annoyances That Are New Since ‘95

Being annoyed at work is nothing new. Cavemen probably grunted under their breath when collaborating with others to start the first fire. But as times have changed in the workplace, so too have the things that annoy us. Read on to discover ten troubling trends that the previous generation of employees didn’t need to deal with.  

The sounds of smartphones

They already play Taylor Swift on every radio station. Your colleagues don't need to hear it five more times each day from your ringtone. They also don't want to hear your dog bark every time you get a text. There's a vibrate option for a reason.  

The unnecessary “reply all”

Many of us struggle to keep our head above water with email as it is. The entire department does not need to know that you found the manager’s recommended reading “very enjoyable and very helpful.” And speaking of “need to know,” please use this as your criteria for hitting the “reply all” button in the future.  

 The over-sharer

We get it. You like to be the first to find new memes and videos on sites like Reddit and YouTube. Receiving a “well-played” link via email every now and then is funny. But when your co-workers cringe every time you laugh because they know a new share is coming their way, it has become a problem.  

"Share my stuff" requests

Many of us have personal projects on the side, and that’s cool. But what’s not cool is pressuring co-workers to share your stuff with their personal networks. If you are proud of your creation and you want others to check it out, that’s great (although personal emails or social networks may be a better channel). But when you ask others to share your stuff with their networks, it puts them in an awkward position. Just share your stuff with your work friends and let them decide if they want to spread the word.


Off-time emails

Just because everyone has 24x7 access to their work email doesn’t mean they want to receive work-related emails 24x7. Employees need time to get away and recharge. Next time you draft an email on Saturday, save it and send it on Monday morning. Your colleagues will appreciate it.  

Sluggish computer

Before computers, if your day got off to a slow start, it was probably your fault. While technological advancements have made office life easier, broken or slow technology can easily derail your daily agenda.  

I-always-share-critical-info-verbally guy

Blah, blah, blah, is essential, blah, blah, blah, by next Tuesday, blah, blah, blah, and don’t forget about, blah, blah, blah, okay, got it?

If it’s important, it should be documented in an email or shared doc.  

Social Media Sally

It's hard to say no to a connection request from a co-worker. After accepting a connection request from a “Social Media Sally,” your life is never quite the same. To Sally, everything is fair game for online discussion, on all social networks. You were picturing your “Social Media Sally” while reading that last sentence, weren’t you?  

Antiquated technology solutions

Employees know when better technology options exist, which makes working with subpar solutions even more frustrating. At Concur, one of the biggest complaints we hear from employees is spending loads of time dealing with spreadsheets, paper receipts and error resolution when they know they could be saving time and energy with mobile expense reporting.


There you have it. How many of these job-related antics are currently annoying you? Which new-age workplace annoyances did we miss?



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